Terry Winn

Terry Winn was in the hospital from August to November, fighting for her life.

For Terry Winn, being home for the holidays has an entirely new meaning this year. She spent a large portion of the year, from August to November, hospitalized with COVID-19. Two of those months, she fought for her life on a ventilator. Once she stabilized, Terry was evaluated and transferred to Greenwood Regional Rehabilitation Hospital.

Upon her arrival, Terry couldn’t walk or stand without assistance. During her inpatient stay, Terry completed a rigorous course of physical and occupational therapy. By her discharge day, Terry walked out of GRRH with the assistance of a walker.

Since returning home, Terry and her husband of 44 years spend their time cooking and riding in their golf cart. Terry even cleaned the house without the use of her walker! She looks forward to seeing the Christmas lights with family and says it’s the “little things” that really do mean the most.