Andy Bell

Andy was initially unsure about inpatient rehab. But he’s so thankful his wife convinced him to admit to GRRH.

Andy Bell’s journey has been one filled with trials and tribulations.

Years ago, Andy had a tracheostomy placed due to a respiratory issue. More recently, he faced a significant bout with COVID-19. Though he’s had his share of setbacks, Andy never even thought about giving up.

“I have worked my whole life and have always been able to take care of myself,” Andy reflected. “We never expect it to be us in the hospital bed.”

To regain his function and independence following COVID-19, Andy admitted to Greenwood Regional Rehabilitation Hospital. At GRRH, Andy completed intensive inpatient therapy to address the virus’s effects on his body.

But that was a decision Andy needed some help making. “I was wary about rehab, but my loving wife helped persuade me.”

“Honestly, it was one of the best decisions I could have made for my care.”

“It took a lot of hard work, prayer, and a dedicated team to get me to where I am today,” Andy said gratefully. “I came into the rehabilitation hospital in a wheelchair, and I can proudly say I’m leaving on my own two feet!”