Ronnie Cannady

Ronnie Cannady discharges from Greenwood Regional Rehabilitation Hospital after recovering from a spinal cord injury.

When Ronnie Cannady began to experience weakness in his arms and legs, he feared he was having a stroke. Having suffered a stroke five years earlier, he was relieved to hear this wasn’t the case. But, he was feeling discouraged with the diagnosis he received. Ronnie learned that he was suffering from a severe narrowing of his spinal canal. This caused the nerve compression responsible for his weakness.

Unfortunately, Ronnie’s condition continued to worsen. Spending time with family and enjoying hobbies became impossible. When Ronnie was no longer able to walk, he admitted to a local hospital for further evaluation. While hospitalized, Ronnie’s physician informed him that surgery was not an option. The physician recommended intense rehabilitation as an alternative treatment plan.
Ronnie transferred to Greenwood Regional Rehabilitation Hospital to begin his treatment. With daily physical and occupational therapy sessions, he regained his strength. Soon, Ronnie began walking again. “I don’t remember being this bad off after I had my stroke,” Ronnie recalled. “Even when I felt down-and-out, the nurses, doctors, and therapists refused to let me think that way.”
Ronnie successfully exceeded his rehabilitation goals while at Greenwood Regional Rehabilitation Hospital. After being discharged, he was able to focus on spending time with his family again. Ronnie looks forward to resuming his favorite pastime, fishing. He was feeling very optimistic about making that first cast after gaining his new lease on life!