Donna Ek

Donna required intensive rehabilitation before she could safely return home.

A dedicated mother and wife, Donna Ek had a lot to fight for when she contracted COVID-19. And she faced quite the strenuous battle with the virus.

After an extended hospitalization, Donna admitted to Greenwood Regional Rehabilitation Hospital with significant challenges. She arrived requiring 5-6L of oxygen, had no endurance, and experience shortness of breath with any type of exertion. For Donna, even getting dressed was a battle at times.

But Donna was in the right place and had the right mindset. Thanks to her individual efforts and the help of GRRH’s dedicated staff and doctors, Donna made significant progress in her recovery.

“I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the exercise with my condition,” Donna said, recalling her initial thoughts about GRRH. But that fear didn’t last long. “The entire staff at GRRH made me feel like they cared. They knew who I was and what I needed. The doctors were so personable. They treated me like a person and not just a patient. It was a complete team effort!”

“I really wish I had come to Greenwood Regional Rehabilitation Hospital so much sooner!”

Upon completing her rehabilitation program, Donna required less oxygen and had improved her strength and endurance. She also could independently complete many of her activities of daily living, which she previously could not. When she discharged from GRRH, Donna returned home to her loving and supportive husband.