Stroke patient celebrates personal Independence Day

A patient’s personal Independence Day

Stroke patient James Arthur was dressed in a star-spangled top hat and red, white and blue leis when he recently walked out of Greenwood Regional Rehabilitation Hospital.  “I couldn’t walk when I got here, but I’m going to walk out today,” he said.

It was James’ personal Independence Day.

James’ prognosis when he had been admitted to the hospital a month earlier had been grim. He couldn’t walk, had some speech and short-term memory problems, and was unable to perform simple tasks like bathing, eating or dressing. But, after weeks of therapy and with strong family support and a positive outlook, James has regained independence and was discharged to go home.

I refused to give up and the staff here refused to give up on me,” he says

James is one of many stroke patients in this past year that has had a successful outcome at Greenwood Regional Rehabilitation Hospital.