Georgia Stroke Patient Seeks out Greenwood Hospital for Rehabilitative Care

And the crowd goes wild!

After suffering a stroke, 59-year-old Lane Norton from Athens, Ga., and her family chose Greenwood Regional Rehabilitation Hospital over several rehabilitative treatment options that were available in their home state. Lane says they were looking for a facility that embodies the ideals of what they thought rehabilitation should be and would enable her to receive aquatic therapy as part of her treatment – and they found that here in Greenwood. (Note: Greenwood Regional Rehabilitation Hospital is ranked in the top 10% of rehab hospitals nationally.)

Lane’s prognosis wasn’t good following her stroke. She was unable to do everyday tasks such as walking, sitting, dressing, or even rolling over in her bed because of extreme weakness in her body.

But after nearly 4 weeks of rehabilitative treatment, Lane walked out of Greenwood Regional Rehabilitation Hospital with a walker and hospital staff lining the halls clapping for her. (I’ve included a photo of this).

Lanes now has regained independence and can eat, bathe and dress herself.